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Training solutions that provide a team of industry experts who specialize in delivering custom training programs for your F&I sales teams.

Attract and retain high-performing employees by providing the training and support to be successful in a culture of low-pressure/high-consultation sales. When you partner with HRG, you will have access to fast, reliable support, and educational and training programs that will fuel your growth.


1st Choice Training Solutions

A successful training program is the result of a collaborative partnership which reflects each person's individual style and objectives.


  • F&I Training Specialists
  • Dealership Opportunity Profile
  • Communication Strategies
  • Fundamental Selling Principles

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Dealbase delivers the highest quality appointments in the industry directly to your showroom!

Utilizing the best data mining tool available along with a strategic engagement strategy that eliminates cold calling results in increased sales! Dealbase only engages qualified customers who are in a position to upgrade.

Dealer Intelligence

Dealer Intelligence

Inbound - Outbound Canadian Call Centre & BDC

Dealer Intelligence efficiently and effectively communicates with your leads, maximizing your opportunity to do business with them now. Some of the benefits include saving money and time on staffing, after-hours lead and telephone response, 5-minute or less response time, and so much more. 


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